Are you an entrepreneur, a young graduate, a student or a change maker!

We are in partnership with the Amsterdam Education Group, to offer young people interested in learning,studying abroad or looking for opportunities of a life- time.

TNEG offers courses, programs and services to international students, individual, entrepreneur and organizations to different countries and to any age group.

Benefits of joining our courses

The benefits of joining our partner’s programs and courses are numerous:

  • Become a traveler with the right group
  • Benefit from networking program
  • Benefit from our regional agent program by spreading the word about our partners’ courses and programs
  • Partner with us to benefit from our full scholarship program to join a course in Amsterdam
  • Get free accommodation in all the programs you join in Amsterdam
  • Get free feeding in most of the programs you join in Amsterdam
  • Get one of our courses for free when you refer five (5) people to join our courses and programs
  • Get three (3) months full scholarship to Amsterdam, in our partner’s fellowship program
  • All expense paid trip to Amsterdam

Our partners offer entrepreneurship, leadership courses, workshops and tailored- made programs and courses in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In conjunction with our partners, we offer English languages and other foreign languages to international students.

Interested in any of the courses, fill the form. One of our customer support officer will get back to you.