This is the project page for the SNCC Ambassadors of Change. All projects will be posted here for the change makers.

All approved outstanding ambassador of change will undergo five (5) months mentor program and one (1) year active engagement, where they will participate in all tasks as an ambassador for SNCC in their communities and countries.

So therefore, all the tasks from task 1 to 10 listed here, are for the approved SNCC Ambassadors of Change.

Task One

Task One is “becoming a voice for the voiceless”. All change makers are expected to find less privileged children and young people facing injustice and other challenges in the society.

Task Two

This task is the “Role Model and Mentor” Task. All SNCC Ambassador of Change will exhibit their leadership role by becoming a role model and a mentor.

Show- case your leadership skill by becoming a role model and mentor to younger people age five (5) to sixteen (16) in your society and country.