Project Description

Evas Turinawe, a female Ugandan and founder of Goodwill Women’s Pulse, a non-profit organization.

The aims of her initiative is, improving the welfare of women and girls through its health and development programs.


Turinawe Evas hails from a very humble background, she lost her father and a single mother brought her up. She attended Mbarara University of Science and Technology for her bachelor’s degree of Science in Computer Engineering.

Mission and Goal

  • Turinawe Evas aim to alleviate poverty in communities through women and girls empowerment.
  • She want to build a change project to focus on the girl- child in her community and country.
  • Her change project, "Let All Girls Attain Secondary Education" will positively impact girls and women in her community and country,

The project is to narrow the gap between primary and secondary enrollment of girls in rural areas.

Outreach program to feed the less privileged children

Training girls on how to be self- reliant, self- sufficient and indenpendent. Girls should not be negatively affected little things.

Turinawe Evas


  • Advocate for girls’ and women’s health practices and well-being.
  • Train women and girls about income generating plastic waste recycling.
  • To advocate for girl child education
  • To advocate for equality, leadership and empowerment of girls and women in families and communities.
  • I 95% of girls who enrolled for primary level will be able to cross to secondary level.
  • Girls and young women will be exposed to sexual education.
  • Seminars on advanced knowledge, freedom and rights to participate in community and family decisions, self control and development.


Organizing workshops, meetings with pupils, teachers and parents/caretakers with an intention of sensitizing them.

Creating awareness of the negative effects resulting from child abuse and neglect, gender stereotypes and inequality, early marriages and more.

Ways Health causes poverty

  • In Uganda, ill health is a major cause of poverty, it reduces physical energy, causing people to be lazy.
  • Health indirectly affects the mental ability of a person, limiting them from doing any productive work.
  • Poor health causes low economic development

Turinawe Eva

Becoming an SNCC Ambassador of Change will help to reach out to more girls and women in the country. I will create more ways to sensitize my communities about challenges and how to prevent them.

The target groups are the vulnerable members of the population(Women and Girls). Women and girls will be train about income generating plastic waste recycling.We advocate for girls’ and women’s health practices and well-being. We advocate for girl child education. We advocate for equality, leadership and empowerment of girls and women in families and communities.

Project Details

Skills: Leadership Traits & Skills

Delegation and Empowerment
Good Communicator
Commitment and Passion
Team Builder
Inspire Others




Turinawe Evas

Project Submission Date:

April 21, 2019