Project Description

Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi is an SNCC Ambassador of Change, from Limbe, Cameroon is dedicated to educating, mentoring and enlightening girls age 9years to 18years in her community.

Her leadership task and outreach activities, was meeting up with girls between the ages of 9years to 18years to mentor them on the importance of education, listening to their difficulties and suggesting possible ways of empowering themselves.

Most of this young girls found it hard to open up because of the political insecurity the part of the country is facing presently, Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi was able to make them open up eventually and talk, because she is one of them and also facing similar challenges.

Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi was able to convince and encourage girls and young women to learn a trade which will help them be financially independent and be of good conduct to the society.

The girl- child in Mutengene Cameroon and other parts of the English speaking regions of Cameroon are not happy with all the conflict because they are to stay back at home and are sent to early marriages while their brothers are sent to learn a trade.

Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi

Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi is dedicated to help and support the girls from your community by mentoring and teaching them how to be empowered.

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Skills: Leadership Traits & Skills

Commitment and Passion
Good Communicator
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Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi

Project Submission Date:

April 29, 2019