Project Description

Sharon kisiak, a kisii university student pursuing bachelor of purchasing and supplies management, and a member of the kisii region, Kenya.

Sharon Kisiak

Goals and Objectives

Her goal is to build self awareness, self assertiveness, improve self esteem among the people in the society and change their attitudes


  • To change lives of the young people.
  • Empower young girls so that they can be responsible leaders and great members of the society.
  • Living in a male dominated - society where the voice of the woman cannot be heard, I will create a platform where woman can be heard.
  • It is assumed that the woman belongs in the kitchen and other areas where chores are involved, my aim is empowering the girl child.

Area of Social work

  • Gender based violence
  • Early pregnancy
  • Social injustices
  • Eradication of child prostitution


Alongside my team of change makers, we will be the SNCC Ambassador of Change that will end early pregnancy, social injustice and other, through the use of campaign.

Some of the strategies, we will use are
  • Creating awareness of challenges that affects children and the young people in the society.
  • Mind- set changing through seminars and meetups. The challenges facing our community can be controlled through change of mind-sets.
  • Organizing peer- counseling and campaigns

On matters like gender based violence, the kisii region believe that a guy who beats you loves you,this is a norm that should not be tolerated for there is no measure of love.

The girl- child and young women needs to wake up and make right decisions, that will impact positively in their lives.

Other ways to create change
  • Through scouting I got a leadership skills, which helped me to show- case my leadership skills.
  • Mentoring every girl- child and young women in the society to become a role model, so i will offer mentoring programs.

During our interviews, i learnt that parents for some reasons are the cause of the challenges girls face, by being too busy to talk to their children.

Some of these parents are ignorant of their child's emotional state and troubles. Interviewing parents is also part of my objectives to achieve my change project.

Parents must be engage in a child's life, every stage of their growth so that, the child are well equipped with proper knowledge.

Sharon Kisiak

Having been molded through scouting and it’s values, I believe I can counsel the girls adequately. I can open their minds so they can think out of the box.

I will equip them with the scouting values e.g discipline, integrity and transparency.

As an SNCC Ambassador of Change, I strongly believe this is a call ,a call to save every girl- child and young women in the society, for they are our future generation,

In order as to save our society we have to work hand in hand with the sustainable development goals number 3,which talks on good health and well being, number 5 talks of gender equality,10,focuses on reduced inequalities and lastly 16 that talks about peace,justice and strong institutions.

I aim at solving the above stated challenges in my society with my change project. I can do this with the help of SNCC and the world at large. It is my hope and wish that the foundation helps us to transform lives of our girls. I am ready to work hand in hand with other ambassadors of change to bring transformation to our society. I believe in the power of team work- the many we are, the stronger the team, the greater the achievement and impact created. Unity is strength, we kisii team are looking forward to working with you to save the present generation and that to come.

Project Details

Skills: Leadership Traits & Skills

Team Builder
Commitment and Passion




Sharon Kisiak

Project Submission Date:

April 19, 2019