Project Description

Amah Ann is an SNCC Ambassador of Change from Buea - Cameroon, she is a young change maker in her community.

Amah has witnessed the difficulties young people face in getting themselves educated due to the political crises happening in her country.
Amah Ann and her team of young change makers

This young change maker mentioned that children are deprived of education completely in her country and she would love to make change in her community, by creating a platform to educate children and young people.


  • Amah Ann is passionate about creating opportunities for formal and informal education in her society.
  • To empower children and young people through ICT and skill acquisition.
  • As a social entrepreneur with an engineering background, Ann is highly motivated to reach out to the youths and children in her community, through her skills and knowledge.

Being a recent graduate I have witnessed the misery of unemployment and how many young people feel agitated and hopeless by reason of unemployment and joblessness.

Amah Ann

Project Details

Skills: Leadership Traits & Skills

Team Builder
Good Communicator
Creativity and Innovation
Inspire Others




Amah Ann

Project Submission Date:

May 14, 2019