Mariam Gamal Mahmoud

Mariam Mahmoud is from Cairo in Egypt. She is planning to offer psychological and educational sessions for parents of children that are not in school. Mariam intends to counsel parents, […]

Mourine Njoki Kamau

Mourine Njoki Kamau is a female from Kenya. She is a young change maker in her community. She aim to educate and empower the girl child with skills that will […]

Halimat Abdulrazak

Halimat Abdulrazak, is a young change maker and a citizen of Nigeria. She resides in Borno State, the northern part of Nigeria. Halimat said, her change project will focus on […]

Peculiar Caleb

Peculiar Caleb is a resident of Akwa- Ibom, in Nigeria. She is part of the Agip initiative. What is Agip Initiative. It is an initiative that focus on every girl- […]