What we expect

We are currently seeking partnership from the public. Our core focus is the welfare and education of every Africa child and young person, especially girls and young women, in the society.

The partnership is to help in achieving our goal of medically treating, feeding and educating the less privileged children in Nigeria and across Africa.


We works with the local and international partners to address the rights and welfare of every less privileged child.

The Country Programme is developing a strong collaboration with various individuals, local organization and international organizations.

We seek solid partnerships with International and National donors, Development Agencies and the Private Sector.

Also Non Governmental and Civil Society Organizations involved in the programme implementation and joint advocacy for children.

To effectively achieve our goals, we seek and encourage partnership from the following sectors, such as:

Federal Government Ministries

Other Government Partners

Non-Governmental Programme Partners

International Donors and Development Agencies

Private Sector

Local donors and individuals

Other Non-profit organization State and National Committees

We believe in the power of strategic partnerships and public-private partnerships to create positive impact.

Our partners and supporters co-create and enable scaled impact globally.

We are inspired to have the partnership and alliance of leading institutions, companies, academic institutions, organizations, media, networks, NGOs, and student organizations.

To share our vision and purpose of accelerating achieving gender parity, unleashing the potential of women and girls, and creating a better future for the less privileged children in Africa.

We are currently inviting and welcoming International NGO Partnerships.

If you are interested in partnership, please go to partner for more info.