Funding And Grant

Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (Saving A Child) gives financial support to women in small scale business or charity organization. 

This program was initiated to support and sponsor women struggling with their business and charity organization.

We want to encourage and support them to stand up and fight for their businesses by becoming successful business owners.

We have put in place a simple financing platform that provides short-term loans to Africa women to help build their small scale business and become a successful entrepreneurs.

You can apply for a Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (Saving A Child) Loan or Grant with our quick application process that lets you know your status within seven(7) working days.

We’re here to help women in need of building their small scale businesses or charity organization.

Fill out the Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (Saving A Child) form to get started.

We will contact you, if your application is approved and funds are typically received within thirty (30) working days.

Application Rejection

We will contact you to inform you of the reason(s), if your application is unsuccessful.