Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (Saving A Child) Work Force

There are lots of people willing and ready to take up the work force but in Saving A Child, our team of work force are special and talented.

Qualities of our Work Force


They are leaders and they take responsibility every day to act on our core values and advance our vision and mission.


Our work force exhibit discipline in their work and in their relationships. To every challenge, project and interaction, they apply a balance of head and heart.


Our people are smart. They’re rigorous thinkers with the highest intellectual and analytical skills.

They relish challenges and come up with creative solutions to the world’s toughest problems.


If one idea fails, they get right back to work on a new one. They don’t stay attached to old ways of thinking, nor do they let their egos get in the way.

Confident and curious

They are always open to learning. In a fast-changing world, and even when resources are slim, they consistently come up with great programs.

High Integrity

Just as important, our people have the highest standards of personal integrity and judgment.

Good Communicators

They’re clear communicators who are equally able to lead, share and follow.

When in charge, they know how to motivate their teams and get people working toward a shared goal.

Saving A Child work force are open to others’ ideas, trusting of others’ abilities and quick to share the credit.

As contributors, they bring their best efforts to the task at hand and collaborate easily with their teammates.

They favor compassion over competition and a smile over a smirk. They care deeply about the people we serve.

Diversity is powerful.

We seek out team members with different origins, beliefs, ways of thinking, backgrounds, hard working personality and target driven persons.

Diversity helps us unlock complexity and to achieve our goals, vision and mission and lead us to greater heights.

Our people are proud to represent Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (Saving A Child) any time, any day and anywhere.

If you see yourself in the above profile, you may belong on our team.

Reasons to Work at Saving A Child

  1. Are you kind hearted, generous, selfless and most importantly you are God fearing.
  2. Do you have passion help children
  3. Aspire to do meaningful work that makes positive change in the world.
  4. Interested in becoming part of a worldwide team with bright, energetic and creative colleagues.
  5. Deeply interested in the people and cultures of other countries.
  6. Eager to join a leading global aid and development organization.
  7. Do you believe in fighting poverty and injustice.
  8. A lifelong learner who craves new challenges.
  9. You want to work in an organization where your voice and ideas are heard.
  10. You seek a competitive salary and benefits package.

To Join Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (Saving A Child), Click on Vacancy to view current openings and apply online.