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Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (SNCC) has a new ambassador program to recognize, connect and discover change makers in the society, in communities and in common- wealth countries.

We are currently looking for young change makers globally. We want to work with young, energetic, inspiring, intelligent, hard- working leaders and change makers around the World.


Our objective is to create a channel of Change where we can successfully and effectively work on SDGs 1 – 6, 10, 16 and 17, which are stated below:

GOAL 1: No Poverty

GOAL 2: Zero Hunger

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 4: Quality Education

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities

GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

GOAL 17: Partnerships For The Goals

We are passionate about putting an end to all these SDGs, thereby creating a better, secured for all children and young people in the society and in the World.

Our starting point is focusing on gender stereotypes in the communities and globally, this challenge is the root of most injustice affecting people , especially children and young people in the society.

All our programs are geared to creating awareness, breaking- down and implementing solutions and changes to end gender stereotypes and other challenges causing injustice to children and young people in the society.

Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation started the “SNCC Ambassador of Change Program” in January 2019 to discover, recognize, appraise, connects all young change- makers to identify, find out and resolve all challenges related to SDGs challenges in the common- wealth and third world countries.

What are the processes to become an SNCC Ambassador of Change

  • The SNCC Ambassador of Change must make a new leadership portfolio, where they are branded in SNCC Ambassador of Change T- Shirt to engage in leadership and outreach task.
  • They will engage in intensive training and supervision, which will prepare them for the task ahead, enlighten them on social and cultural issues and developments.
  • She will work with the government, organizations and NGOs of their countries to discover and find solutions to pressing economic and social issues and challenges affecting children and young people in their countries.
  • The ambassadors will locate and mentor younger people, who are being negatively affected by the injustice of gender stereotypes and other challenges in the society.
  • The ambassadors will make a “change project”, that will positively and hugely affect their countries.

The program is for a duration of one year, ambassador will undergo mentoring and active engagements for five months.

A Must:

  • SNCC Ambassadors will become change makers for SNCC, partnering NGOs and organizations.
  • Attend weekly online zoom meeting to discuss and update team leader on activities, tasks, progresses and challenges.
  • Must attend monthly meetings, to give feedbacks, ideas and solutions to injustice caused by gender stereotypes and other challenges.
  • Frequently upload videos and pictures of the outreach activities, showing vividly the task they are doing and the challenges they are resolving.
  • Wear the “SNCC Ambassador of change” T- shirt to engage in all activities.
  • Kind, soft- spoken, respectful and humble.
  • Be ready to change the world.
  • Ambassadors must attend annual conference and summit where knowledge is shared and campaigns are announced to stop injustice affecting young people.
  • Ambassadors must attend occasional workshops to maximize their skills and knowledge.
  • She must come up with a unique change- Project to implement.


  • The person applying for SNCC ambassador of Change program must be a female age 18- 25 years old.
  • She must possess good command of English.
  • Passionate about gender equality and other SDGs challenges.
  • Have a network of young people to address or impact.
  • Must be able to recruit 20 young ambassadors in her team.
  • Be an undergraduate, graduate or in a group where she can create awareness of gender stereotypes and other challenges.
  • Will engage in outdoor campaign/activities or outreach program, where she will have a one-on- one conversation with victims of injustice
  • Own a laptop or computer to attend online summit.
  • Participate in all online summit and conference.
  • Detailed oriented with a dedication to delivering quality work and output.
  • Possess self- discipline required to work independently.
  • Willing to work in remote settlements and travel.
  • Able to work under pressure and extra hours.
  • Interested in the welfare and education of children.
  • Have a knowledge of gender stereotypes and other SDGs challenges..
  • A goal- getter and an achiever- who achieves set goals and objectives.
  • You work with target- Setting of goals and meeting the goals promptly.
  • You must be tech- savvy- Comfortable in using social media, google docs and sheets.
  • Applicants from common- wealth countries will be given first priority.
  • Anyone in the world can also apply to become a SNCC Ambassador of Change.


The top outstanding ambassador with outstanding performance and achievements will be given:

  • A full Scholarship to Amsterdam for a “Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop”.
  • A small grant will be given to fine- tune your “Change Project”- Project will be closely monitored.
  • A certificate of excellence for all outstanding SNCC Ambassador of change.
  • Featured in the foundation’s newsletter and magazine, as the “outstanding ambassadors of the year”.

Interested in becoming an SNCC Ambassador of Change

Follow these steps to apply. All stages of application are compulsory.

First step:

Facebook For Savingachild

Instagram For Savingachild

Twitter For Savingachild

Second Step: Write a comment below to introduce yourself :

  • State your country
  • What your “change project” would be
  • Why you believe your change project will make a positive impact in your country

Third Step:

Apply Online to start the journey of becoming a SNCC Ambassador of change.


Fourth Step:

Await a response e-mail to your application, requesting for your leadership portfolio work.

Fifth Step:

Send your leadership portfolio within 7- 30 days after receiving your portfolio task by email.

Note: June 30th, 2019 is the deadline for submission for applicants that applied by June 15th, 2019.

Sixth Step:

For all applicants with the outstanding leadership portfolios, await a date- schedule email to visit and inspect your leadership work in your country before approving your work.

Seventh Step:

All SNCC Ambassador of Change whose leadership work is approved, will be contacted by email.

You can also check your application status online.

Check Status

72 thoughts on “Ambassador Program”

  1. hello , i’m Samar Ahmed form Egypt , i’m a senior student at faculty of medicine . i’m an active volunteer in many organization related to youth development and raising awareness . i have participated in Her story campaign with UN for women , about writing stories of great women and raising awareness of women’s role .
    i’m a volunteer at anti addiction campaigns in Egypt , because i think if we really want a better future we have to start changing ourselves .
    i had run many of health campaign to poor areas in Egypt , as i believe that we should be the impact that we would like to see in the community .
    i traveled to Tanzania as a volunteer in live healthier project , and i noticed that we are in a big need to raise health awareness of bad habits
    that would be my project (happily ever after ) about raising awareness for addiction , communicable disease , dealing with AIDS patients and most common
    health problems .

  2. Hello! My name is Amel Bouazizi and I am from Tunisia. I am 24 years old and I am a Master’s student at the University of Kairouan. Passionate about SDG 4 and 5, my “MissTunisia Hopes” project will target two categories of my community which are: primary school students and women. On the one hand, the shortcomings of the educational system in my country is negatively affecting the development of students’ early childhood which is considered an important period to learn languages especially. In this context, I am willing to volunteer to teach kids and help them parctice basic worldwide languages and simultaneously advocate changing the curriculum of Primary education. On the Other hand, through flexible and exciting activities, my project will help women in my country develop their self-esteem, inspire them to defeat adversities and reach their goals to greatness.

  3. I am by the names of Anold Nsubuga a Ugandan and my project will be targeting students in the underprevileged schools of uganda. This project will be called the Cycliod from “the circle of opportunities” with a motto “if we have the skills and humility then we can have the opportunity”. The project will involve activities of mentoring these students on what should be done to compete with their mates in previleged schools as well as overcoming the the negative impacts in their social life. Beyond the mentoring, the project is to be full of servant ethical leaders from different backgrounds who will focus on following up these students acting what they are taught. Uganda is one of the countries with the highest number of youth, and poverty as well. Beyond the existance of different projects, it seems there is yet not positive major impact to eliminate the problems affecting these communities which i believe my project will be providing. i am fully confident that this project is going to be a sucess because i have already researched and tested my ideas which gave a positive result which was above my expectation.

  4. Hi. I am Shirley Aprakua Manu from Ghana. I am 24 years old and a recent Graduate of the University of Cape Coast. My “change project” will be mainly in support of SDG 4. It will be dubbed “The Mini Library Project”. This project will aim at creating Mini Libraries for schools and rural communities in Ghana, that do not have libraries. I will also organize young people who can read and write, to teach the students and members of the community, who cannot read and write. The objectives of the project will be:
    a) To improve child literacy in rural communities in Ghana.
    b) To provide materials that will stimulate students acquisition of knowledge, aesthetic values, and ethical standards.
    c) To provide a source of information which may enable pupils to make informed judgments.
    d) To provide materials containing a wide range of views on issues that may develop the practice of critical reading and thinking.
    e) To encourage all students to reach their full potential and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning.

    This change project will make a positive impact in my country because it will improve child literacy in rural communities in Ghana and increase general awareness on the importance of child literacy to personal and economic development. The program will make available, materials that will stimulate students acquisition of knowledge, aesthetic values, ethical standards and materials containing a wide range of views on issues that may develop the practice of critical reading and thinking. The general outcome of the project is that it will encourage all students to reach their full potential and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning, which will, in turn, contribute to personal and economic development.

  5. Hello, I’m Reema from Palestine. I studied the English language at Al Aqsa University in Gaza. I’m an active volunteer in my country, I belong to many teams which are created to help people in Gaza, to improve their living conditions and raise their awareness, especially for women and children, as well as women’s rights in political participation. My project is “Let’s make change” This project aims to focus on the marginalized groups of children in society and enhance the opportunity to participate in it . and help them psychologically, health and socially by strengthening their role in society and contributing to solving a major issue that my city sufferers from which is labor and begging children and women. I believe that change comes from uniting and hard working between the whole society. so we must complete the gap which poverty creates it.

  6. Hello, My name is Sharifa Amadu from Ghana. I am 18 years old , studying Mechanical Engineering in Ashesi University. My change project will be “The Education Project or The enlightening Project.” I believe that there is more to education than schooling. Opportunities for education are everywhere in Ghana from Scholarships to the introduction of the free and Compulsory primary education and now free Senior High School education. In my community I realised that the reasons why majority especially females attend schools are for the sake of making money, ” I need basic training”, “My parents want me to”, ” Everyone is in school” while others refuse it all together. The passion, the need, the motivation and impact behind edducation is mostly absent in the majority of people who decide to educate themselves. i want this project to serve as a means to enlighten young people who do not have mentors and the opportunity to be guided through education in my country to create the need to educate themselves, have goals, find their motivation, and plan out an impact they want to have on Ghana and beyond. Imagine, even 1/3 of a country, tunning their minds to making a change. what a better place the world will be. Aside that, I want this project to be a support to the national goals of education set in Ghana which seeks to “provide relevant and quality education for all Ghanaians including the disadvantaged, to enable them acquire skills, which will help make them functionally literate and productive to facilitate poverty alleviation and promote rapid socio-economic growth.”

  7. Hi ,I am Nour From Syria my project will focus on the people disappled that who suffered alot thro this war and have no ability to change their lifs so my goal is to make centers that can go and creat new ideas as they think cause alot of them are creative and just want to showing what they have and even to seperate them from the state that they living it so ,we can make a huge differents to make them feel they are productive people and can do alot no matter what even there are a war but we can get thro it

  8. Hello from the other side , I am Marah Anabtawi , I’m 19 years , studying computer engineering in second year at Birzeit university , i believe that every humans have their own magic that make them special and different to improve the world we live but some of them their circumstances stolen their magic , so i believe that we created for each other, so my change project to breaking the wall of Ignorance and poverty .

  9. Hello,i am Agwang Juliet from Uganda,25 years old of age.My change project would be SMILLINGHEART FOUNDATION that will promote the worth and value of women from the ages of 10 to 24 years because I have noticed in my society Uganda, the value and worth of a woman increases or decreases according to what my society deems acceptable or unacceptable.
    I got to discover that this trend is ongoing and worse for the vulnerable girls and women who have experienced gender based violence and conceived out of sordid circumstances for example, by rape, defilement and also through incest or early and forced marriages. Let’s look at the statistics, worldwide alone! One in three women will be physically or sexually abused in her lifetime. In Uganda these statistics are even worse. According to the Demographic Health Survey in 2011, 56 per cent of Ugandan women experience physical violence. And we are in 2018, the statistics are increasingly worse.
    And because of these gruesome acts these women go through heartbreaking consequences. Many get infected with HIV and AIDS and end up being pregnant. And because they are a disgrace according to the society and most importantly to their family, they shunned, they are isolated, and they are chased away from home.
    So what can I do as an individual with a voice bring about change in my society?
    First and foremost I believe in humble beginnings, I will have to identify these group of women in a district, or county in Uganda so that I can be able to assess their needs. Have a heart to heart talk with them and identify ways of how I could help them improve their life. God willingly with the available resources, I would be able to start my own community based NGO that would be a safe haven for these women. This Ngo in partnership with other service providers would be able to provide health care for these youth.
    Smillingheart foundation will be able to provide shelter to this category. A place to call home, I envision this idea to be big in such a way it can facilitate a dormitory for this category because they are minor according to age legislation of Uganda. They will be counselled for the wellbeing of the mind, body and emotions. They will be courage to love life and hope for a good future apart from the sordid past they have come to learn. This category to will undergo HIV testing and counselling to determine their HIV statuses and implement means on how best we can help them.
    For example those discovered to be HIV positive will be put on ARVS, they would be counselled on how to live a positive but healthy life. And also given good nutrition to boost up their immunity. They would be undergoing antenatal care to eliminate the risk of Mother to child transmission of HIV and AIDS. This of course would be more affordable and accessible with partnerships of the same core values .Also promote a non-discriminatory environment for those living with HIV and AIDS.
    I also believe in instilling life skills to the youth for survival, for example, I would very much invest time and money for them to learn how to make reusable pads out of local materials, and also liquid soap making. And besides these are talented and young people, and I believe in harnessing their talents.
    I would very much love to employ some of these women train them in Peer education so that they can be equipped with the skills, knowledge and abilities so that they can go to communities and talk to people on various health topics, have personal experience sharing with the community. This of course is aimed at providing the necessary information for the society to make healthy but informed decisions. And these individuals would bridge a gap between what actually happens to women in their similar situation and how the organization can help such women.
    We have to look at this in all directions, there will be those who at the end of their pregnancy term, will not be able to keep the child, what will SmillingHeart Foundation help? We are promoting Pro-Life therefore adoption procedures would be put in place I mean there are quite a number of families out their looking for child and one way we would love to be of help is to encourage the community to adopt a child.

  10. hello, my name is Razane Marref from Algeria. I’m a student in mathematics and computer science , this is my first year in univesty Batna 2-Mostefa Ben Boulaid.. i love this area.. I believe that an area can make a big change in the society… i aim to buile a stronge society can achieve their creativity…

    1. Hello Iam marah alrijee , from Palestine, a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in tourism and archeology. I see that every person inside has a love for change and guidance but needs a bit of support and assistance. My project is Stop violence against women, children and the marriage of minors!!

  11. Hi! I am Meerimai from Kyrgyzstan. I am 19 years old. I study International Relations at Kyrgyz National University. I have done several projects on commmunity service and charity. Now my goal is to make the citizens aware of their own Human Rights (especially females), raise an awareness about community service and volunteering among youth.

  12. Hi, my name is Salma Garbouj. I am 17 years old. My main goal is to make the world a better place. First of all, I would like to put an end to sexism in schools or even in public places and I want to raise awerness about the fact that men and women are equal. I would like to build a platform where women can help each other and discuss their problems.
    Second, I would like to help little girls go to school because in our country lots a boys go to school and the girls stay at the house to help which is not equal.
    Thank you

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